DPSGV Distributes Eco-friendly Jute Bags to Create Awareness

Let’s kill plastic before it kills us!

In the past few years, plastic consumption has become an integral part of our daily lives and going back to the era where no plastic was used seems impossible. The adverse effects of the single use plastic have started to show up and it has certainly become a life-threatening activity for all living species around the world.

Single use plastic includes products like water bottles, shampoo bottles, polythenes, plastic bags, and plastic wrappers. These products are used most prominently in every household as their consumption is easy and cheap.

Once consumed, single use plastic is dumped into rivers which takes centuries to get decomposed; greatly affecting aquatic life which ultimately causes an imbalance in the ecosystem. To control the catastrophic activity, the next gen has come forward to take upon the responsibility.

To create awareness, various organizations from around the world have come forward but is that enough? Non-profit organizations, and governments will continue to fail if people altogether won’t take decision to eliminate single use plastic from their everyday life.

One such activity was performed by the students of Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Vasundhara in which students showed their deep concern and sensitivity toward the degrading situation of planet Earth. On the occasion of Children’s Day, DPSGV created awareness by distributing eco-friendly jute bags to all its stakeholders i.e., staff and all the students of DPSGV. The drill was a part of awareness campaign on ban of single use plastic which started from October 2nd. The students play an active role in order to bring a change in the society and influence the people around them. Apart from school activities, students voluntarily put their steps forward to contribute towards saving the natural resources and abandon the usage of single use plastics at their homes.

Proactive and strict steps are supposed to be taken to bring a change in the present and deteriorating condition of the environment. All people need to do is observe little things happening around them and speak up if anything goes against the mother Earth.

Its high time that every citizen of the world takes an initiative on their own to eradicate the consumption of single use plastic and make the world a better place to live for upcoming generations.

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