In the words of Dalai Lama, “When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.” As the proud new Principal of DPSG Vasundhara – having a well-respected history of discovering, developing and drawing out the hidden talents and the magic lying dormant inside all of its students, I warmly welcome you to our school’s website.As will be evident when you take a ride through, from academics to co-curricular activities, perseverance and a never-say-die spirit, are inveterate in the heart of every pupil – not only making them good students but brilliant human beings.In today’s dynamic world, a 360° development and grooming is of supreme importance and throughout the school campus, we strive to create conducive environment for future leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals, who possess skill and aptitude in an array of functional disciplines.

We also understand that physical activity is important to the holistic development of young people and so the school aims to provide quality physical education programmes to help all students to develop fitness, physical competence, cognitive understanding and positive attitude, thus nurturing their physical, social, emotional and intellectual health.My very competent team of teachers strives to imbibe in our students’ value based education synergized with modern teaching – learning methods to produce a well-informed and emotionally sound generation.

I urge my colleagues to spare no efforts to make the educational experience of our students meaningful and relevant to the needs of the times.We as DPSGV, value relationships and connections with the community and encourage our students to develop respectful relationships with their peers, teachers and the broader community. In this context, I earnestly recommend the parents – our co-partners, to feel free to come forward with practical suggestions for school and student development.I expect all my students to focus on their cherished goals and strive hard to accomplish them – rising above mediocrity and procrastination.