Math Club is a bunch of people getting together to play with math. You might play games that use math, or use math to create works of art, or make up puzzles and riddles that use math as part of the solution.For supplementing the teaching of Mathematics in the classroom and to widen the knowledge of the students a good mathematics teacher can involve his / her students in a number of co curricular activities such as Mathematics club, visits and excursion, broad-casts, gramophone lectures etc. There is no limit to such extracurricular activities and teacher is free to undertake one or more such activities in the school for the benefit of his students

The Maths Club provides the students with tricks to simplify and enjoy solving Maths. An array of activities are conducted to help the students discover their latent interests in the subject.

These activities help in fostering love for Maths and  also help in re – kindling the love for the subject as a whole, in the hearts of students.