Special Assembly Secondary

Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Vasundhara celebrated Halloween on 31st October, 2017 as a special assembly by class 6-D .The students showcased the festival stating its inception, celebration and importance in the form of a role play. The decoration with jack-o-lanterns out of pumpkin, students’ costume and makeup added in a concrete portrayal of Halloween. The parents complimented the attempt of students and appreciated the school for putting up such a great presentation. The Principal, 
Dr. Jaishree Bhargava highlighted the importance of Halloween, to pay gratitude to our ancestors and saints who gave us a beautiful world to live in. And to continue with this heaven, we need to reduce our greed and to think for society and environment’s progress.


Students of class 10th-A conducted the assembly on the occasion of World Day for Audio Visual Heritage. They played old songs from the Bollywood archives. Children paid tribute to late Girija Devi Ji, the thumri maestro, who passed away on the 26th of October, 2017. A special game of “Antakshari with a twist” was conducted by the students which enthralled the audience.


Delhi Public School Ghaziabad celebrated Diwali Milan on 24th October, 2017 as a special assembly by class 6-C .The students managed to revive the memory of Ramayana in the form of a role play wherein they portrayed the main characters which created a mythological aura. The classical dance performances kept the audience captivated. The parents applauded the endeavour of students and appreciated the school for providing their children a chance to outshine. The Principal, Ms. Jaishree Bhargava highlighted the importance of these presentations which help students in being connected with the values originated years ago, and to imbibe them in their lives too.


On 13th October a combined special assembly of class 9 C & D was organized on the theme World Elderly Day. The grandparents along with parents attended it and enjoyed dance and theater performances. it was followed by prize distribution. This was an opportunity for students to express their love respect and gratitude to their grand parents on this occasion.


On10th October, 2017 school organized a special assembly on “World Mental HealthDay”. The students of class VI B put forward a wonderful and rousingpresentation on the theme wherein they showcased the major mental problemsfaced by children and adults including depression and anxiety through a roleplay. The parents of the participating students were also present in theaudience and applauded the efforts of their children. The Principal, MsJaishree Bhargava talked about the various problems faced by children nowadays.She focused on giving a lot more care and affection to the children so that theywould feel secure and protected.


6th October - The children of VI A putup a special assembly on Gandhi Jayanti and Valmiki Jayanti.
The assembly was attended by the parents whoappreciated the effort of their wards. Principal ma'am in her address addedthat we should each walk on the path shown by Gandhiji and this Diwali onlylight earthen diyas. Learning from the lives of Valmikiji and Gandhiji weshould always practice tolerance in this intolerant world.


DPSGV celebrates teachers day with much fanfare. The students had put up a stupendous show showing gratitude to their teachers. The principal wished and blessed one and all present there.


Dpsgv conducteda special assembly on international youth day which is dedicated tocelebrating young people’s contribution to conflict prevention andtransformation as well as social justice and sustainable peace. Itwas to sensitize students to learn about swami Vivekananda’s thoughtsand contribution, therefore the school presented swami jis' life history by celebrating his values, connecting with today’s youth.