The Mystery Box To Happiness & Challenges


Yet another school year!

As the new session commences, students step into the school premises – new bag, new bottle and new lunch box. The excitement in the air is high. As the students wonder about their new teacher(s), I too wonder about the new class I am going to teach. What will be the abilities of my new students? 


Well, the mystery box unlocks, as I enter the new class. Words and thoughts are exchanged between us as we start to form opinions about each other.

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But the fact remains, that, there is a lot to look forward to each new school year. Many dreams and many aspirations to fulfill. To lend a helping hand to each struggling student is what I wish to do this year too.


My heart goes out to the children who are unable to perform not because of low aptitudes but because of the small hitches here and there which no one notices. A few words of encouragement and a little help is all they need and if I can, then, why not?

And one of the many reasons that I look forward with full energy to every new school year.

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*This article is contributed by Ms. Pooja Garg, Primary Teacher with DPSG Vasundhara. 


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