Your Language Is The Limits Of Your World

Learning a new language gives one an edge over the others. In this booming corporate economy “le savoir-faire” – The Know-How” of a new jargon is fashionable and much in demand. People look at a multilingual with awe and treat him differently. I don’t intend to be ostentatious but yes, the feeling of it is wonderful. It also inculcates a wanderlust and drives people to far off lands expanding their horizons.

S/he gets to know new stories from their land.

I would like to emphasize the fact that a lot of essence from the texts is lost in translations and reading their original version is a better option for a finer understanding. For example, Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot” and the “Count of Monte Christo” is exceptionally well written in French. The actual catharsis is felt when these texts are read in their pristine and untampered forms.

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During my graduation days, I had read quite a few plays translated into English from French. Having nothing to lose and seeking enhancement for my intellectual muse I enrolled myself in the French classes at Alliance française de Delhi. I still remember the first day I attended that class. It was and remains one of the best memories of my life. My first French instructor was an Assamese. I fell in love with the way she pronounced the French alphabet. Most importantly it was a great stress buster. I mean our brain is not conditioned to replicate the exact pronunciation of words from a different language and at first, it seemed hilarious and at times embarrassing but it was really fun.

Visit DPSG website to learn more about how the school is implementing new languages in the school curriculum.

*This article is contributed by Ms. Devika Chaturvedi, a French and English teacher in the Primary wing of DPSGV. Her mantra in life is  “Being passionate about your dreams is all it takes to achieve them.” A teacher by profession and a student by choice, reading books, traveling and scribbling snippets in free time are her hobbies. Reading for her is the most agreeable way of ignoring life. She likes to capture life’s experiences, however light and dark they may sound, on a parchment, so that she can revisit them from time to time. She also has a strong affinity and love towards languages, literature, and music.

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