The Multifaceted Benefits Of Art Engagement


Art, in its purest forms, does not hold any restrictions or boundaries. We can term it as the free flow of ideas with a knack for expression. It reaches many and opens realms of fantasy, fiction, and imagination.

Therapeutic uses of art have been well explored by various Indian and International researchers. Building self-esteem and social confidence, the whole experience of being part of a practice, evolves the being with utmost fulfillment.

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Engagement in any form of art (Singing, dancing, theater, fine arts, etc.) amalgamates our mental and physical faculties to produce rhythmic motions of expression. A high stature of emotional intelligence is established as thoughts take words and feelings form pictures.

It has been well established that student engagement in art fosters learning in immense magnitudes. The Holistic Development Model focuses on the development of the child in multiple domains, creating safe spaces for free expression and enhancing the sense of independence.

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Students not only learn to engage in honest expression but also learn emotional management through the use of art. The routine formed for mastering an art builds the ability to set and achieve targets by understanding one’s pace and bolsters self- confidence. Gained expertise facilitates creativity and problem-solving skills in novel situations.

Recent researches have proved that engaging with art education helps in:

  • Singing improves mental health and subjective well-being (i.e., perceived quality of life)
  • Taking dance classes boosts cognition and motor skills, and even lessens the likelihood of developing diseases later in life
  • Playing a musical instrument has myriad positive effects on the brain, including disease risk reduction
  • Visual arts practice generates increases in social engagement, psychological health, and self-esteem

Moreover, skills like time management and perseverance are developed by facing hardships while training. Social benefits such as being a part of a group and teamwork are encouraged along with building resilience in children.

Letting children participate in and develop one abstract faculty would enlighten a world of opportunities in their future with immense personal and social benefits in different areas of their life.

Engage with an art, to feel the difference.

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*This article is contributed by Ms. Bani Khurana, DPSG Vasundhara teacher. 

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