How Concerned Are You About Climate Change?

climate change

Where have those cozy and chilly winters of Delhi disappeared, which used to last for a good three to fours months a decade ago?

Why are the Delhi summers so hot and we need air conditioners the whole day long?

Why is there too much rainfall or too less every year in parts of India?

These all questions come to our mind and we all know the answer- CLIMATE CHANGE.

We all also know that we are the one who is responsible for this climatic change and global warming around the world. We can’t blame a hummingbird or a polar bear in the Arctic for this change. We and by we, I mean humans, who are so selfish that plays and misuses the natural resources to fulfill our needs.

We cut trees and make the lush green forests barren, we burn fossil fuels such as Oil,  Petrol, and Coal for our own benefits and produce carbon dioxide.

The pollution level in many cities in our country like New Delhi is so high that our children’s health is in danger. We realize it only when our children fall ill, or when we can’t breathe or when we face smog in the morning or feel extreme summers or winters. Now, it is predicted also that we may not have any water left on earth after a few years.

Industrialization is also a major contributing factor for it.

But are we still doing enough or doing anything at all?

This is a question everybody needs to ask themselves. But some may say we don’t know what to do or with me alone doing it, won’t help.

But I think it is every person’s responsibility to do his or her bit to save the earth and it will definitely make a difference.

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How can we make a difference to eradicate the causes of climate change?

Be Energy Efficient:
  • Save energy wherever possible.
  • Shut lights, fans you are not using.
  • Do have the AC filters cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Change light bulbs to compact fluorescents or LEDs.
Recycle your Waste:
  • Recycle paper, plastic, metal, and glass.
  • Throw waste in bins and it should be disposed of properly.
Use vehicles wisely:
  • The best way is to have a green commute by using cycles, sharing cars or using public transport.
  • Vehicles are the main cause of gas emissions.
Plant and Plant:
  • Plant more and more trees and plants.

The above four actions are easy to do and we all can make a habit of doing it. It will make a better world for us as well as our children.

*This article is contributed by Ms. Sapna Katyal. She teaches Math and Hindi to the student sof class II. In her free time she likes to gardening, photography, and reading.



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