Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Vasundhara has formally launched ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ (ERP) in the school. DPSGV-ERP is a web and IVR based system that enables parents to access students’ information and continual progress in real time. Parents can access students and school related activities on the web using a secured login provided to them or through IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System), an automated telephone system equipped to answer their queries.

DPSGV-ERP has been introduced in the school with a view to enhance teaching learning process and builds an effective and transparent parent-teacher-student-school-coordination.

It is a programme to integrate all data and processes of the school into a single unified system. It is a complete school management and effective resource planning solution. A key ingredient of the ERP system is the use of a single, unified database to store data for the various system modules. ERP, commonly referred to as Enterprise vide Resource Planning empowers the studnts, teachers and school to achieve more with different assessment tools, reports and online information. It is one solution that provides effective convergence of Telecommunication, information, technology and Education.

ERP saves time and human resources, lends transparency, makes systems efficient, leading to overall improvement in the institution.

The website provides the following information of students and school :

a) The student’s profile as exists in the school records.

b) Attendance details of the student with the days when he/she was absent.

c) Marks / Grades obtained in different Assessments / Unit Tests / Examination / Activities.

d) Different activities that the student has participated in and the position obtained.

e) Details of the curriculum books prescribed, chapters and contents therein with target dates by when they are expected to be taken up for learning in the classroom.

f) Detailed examination schedule with various parameters.

g) Detailed daily time table being followed in the student’s class.

h) Detailed day wise learning progress that has occurred in the student’s class.

i)Detailed day wise home task assigned in the student’s class.

j)Periodic planners/schedules.

k) Latest circulars and notices issued.

l)Latest happenings in the school.

m) Access to email facility.

n) Fee dues