Fee Structure

Regulation governing fee collection at Allahabad bank, Vasundhara


Cheques will be accepted till 4:00 pm on all working days but only till 1:45 pm on saturdays.
School fee is payable in advance on a quarterly basis i.e. 3 months fee at a time as per details given below :

Quarter   Last date of payment without fine Last date of payment with fine
  (By Cash) (By Cheque) (By Cash) (By Cheque)
April – June 20th April 15th April 20th May 10th May
July – Sept. 20th July 15th July 20th August 10th August
Oct – Dec. 20th October  15th October 20th November 10th November
Jan. – March 20th January 15th January 20th February  10th February


Payment of Fee :

  1. All school dues must be paid at the Allahabad Bank Vasundhara either in cash or by a crossed Local Cheque / Draft in favour of Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Vasundhara along with fully completed copies of the fee slip. The Cheque / Draft must contain student’s name, class, section, Fee book no. and residence phone no. at the back.
  2. Fee should be paid by the ‘Last date of payment’ as indicated above.
  3. If “Last date for payment” is a holiday then the day before such holiday is considered to be the “Last date for payment”.
  4. Fine for late payment of fee: If fee are not paid by the “Last date of payment” a fine of Rs. 5/- per day including all holidays, will be charged from the “Last date of payment” .
  5. If the fee is paid by cheque / draft, late fine of Rs. 5/- per day shall start from 16th of the month in case of “Last date of payment” only. No cheques will be accepted after “By cheque” date in case of “Final date of payment”.
  6. No fee reminders for quarterly fee will be sent. It is the duty of the parents to deposit the fee as per the above payment schedule.
  7. To facilitate the parents the school will accept post dated cheques for quarterly fee in school A/c deptt. Acceptance of such cheques will be subject to last date of payment by cheque. No request will be accepted to hold the cheques after the date mentioned on the cheque. Post dated cheques for next quarter shall be accepted in the month of April only.
  8. All communications regarding fee are normally routed through the students. (Parents are requested to make their wards aware in this regard.)
  9. A fee booklet is issued to students at the beginning of the academic year in April, in case of loss, a duplicate booklet can be obtained from the School Accounts Office against a payment of a Rs. 50/-
  10. 10. All fee dues are to be cleared on quarterly basis.
  11. 11. Allahabad Bank Vasundhara only collects fee on behalf of the School. Therefore, all correspondence / queries with respect to school dues should be taken up directly with the Accounts section of the school.


Important Note:

  1. ADDITIONAL PENALTY : If the fee for a quarter is not paid by the “Final date for payment with fine the student will not be allowed to attend classes until the additional penalty of Rs. 1500/- is paid along with the late fine of Rs. 5/- per day.
  2. 12. Any fee defaulter falling under ruling (11), shall be regularized only after the permission of the Principal even if the fee is deposited directly in the Bank.
  3. Cheque returned by the bank on which it is drawn, for any reason whatsoever shall be treated as non payment of dues and an additional amount of Rs. 100/- shall be charged towards expenses along with the late fine & additional penalty as the case may be .
  4. No fee shall be treated as the current quarter or advance until and unless all previous fee dues are cleared in full.
  5. Discontinuation of bus facility is not permissible in the middle of an academic session. Request for discontinuation for the next session must be submitted to the School Accounts Office by the 15th March positively. It may, however, be discontinued latest by 10th July, in case of transfer / change of address, after submitting an application to the bus in charge 15 days in advance.