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A word about the Parent-Teacher Forum

The Parent-Teacher Forum was set up many years ago on the guidelines provided by the Central Board of Secondary Education. The General Body of the Forum is constituted of all the parents whose children are studying in the school. The Executive Committee of the Forum is a nominated body represented by Parents and Teachers of the school. The Chief Learning Officer of the school is the ex-officio President of the Forum. The PTF plays a pivotal role in making decisions from time to time regarding the welfare of the School. It facilitates closer association between parents and teachers in their effort to make the School an ideal place for the all round education of children. It also offers parents a platform to express their views freely and frankly, thereby involving them in a process of mutual participation aimed at the welfare of the children studying in the school.

Our Expectations from Parents and Guardians

Parents must realize that school is a virtual second home for children. They need all the considerations in their favour by way of safety and security, love and co-curricular work. It is from this point of view that we expect parents and guardians to follow the norms given below.

>>   Parents are expected to go through the school calendar carefully and make a note of important dates and events, especially parent teacher meetings, and tests and examinations. We expect the -parents to come regularly and meet the concerned teachers to discuss not only the academic progress but also other areas of personality development like attitude, aptitude, and confidence building.

>>    No student of class XI or XII will be allowed to leave the school early on the plea of attending private coaching classes.

>>    Parents may please see that their child adheres to the school uniform strictly.

>>   Carrying cellphones,wearing of fancy shoes, jewellery, unruly hair and fancy hair clips will not be tolerated. Skirt hemlines should be knee length. Oversize, undersize and shabby uniform is not allowed. Low waist trousers are also not allowed.

>>    Parents/Guardians are not permitted to enter class rooms to meet their children or to seek unscheduled interviews with teachers during school hours.

>>    In case of emergency, parents/guardians must meet the Principal/ Headmistress/Headmaster  and adopt a course of action in consultation with them.


>>    Polybags are not allowed in the School.

>>   By allowing children to use motorized modes of transportations such as scooters and motor cycles, parents jeopardize their safety besides the illegality involved in permitting an under age child to use these means.Travelling by motorised vehicles to school is totally BANNED.

>>   The cycle rickshaws with improvised seating for many young children are also an illegal and dangerous mode of transportation and are totally BANNED by the School under instructions from the District Administration.

>>   Once the child has come to the School, parents and guardians are not permitted to take him/her back home during the school hours unless there is a major emergency. In such cases, the permission of the Chief Learning Officer/Headmistress/Headmaster is MANDATORY.

>>  Parents and guardians must know that NO SCHOOL TEACHER IS ALLOWED TO GIVE PRIVATE TUTION. As such, they should not press the teachers of this school to accept private tuition work for their wards.

>>   Parents and guardians must immediately inform the School in case there is a change in their address and/or telephone number.

>>   The School organises excursions/trips/adventure camps in and around Delhi and also outstation. Parents are requested to ensure that their children participate in all of them as it is another aspect of learning.

>>    Any communication that parents wish to make with the School must be addressed to the Chief Learning Officer /Headmistress/Headmaster ONLY and not to the class teachers.

>>    Parents are expected to send only one or two toffees per child to the schoolin case of their ward's birthday.A plotted plant will also be welcome.CHILDREN ARE EXPECTED TO COME TO SCHOOL IN  SCHOOL UNIFORM ON THEIR BIRTHDAYS.

>>   Last but not the least, we expect parents and guardians to be cordial and polite with the staff of the School even in the most taxing situations

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