Classrooms: Classrooms are large and airy with abundant natural light to provide the right ambience for an effective learning experience at school. A Smart boardis provided in every classroom which facilitates the teaching learning process and makes learning more enjoyable. Junior classes also have an independent class library managed by the respective class teachers.

Computer labs: The school has 4 computer labs with the latest software and hardware. All our Labs have constant access to the internet and are used extensively for research work by both students and teachers. Each laboratory has 30 to 35 systems with the required copies of licensed software for each level. The multimedia lab helps the students to explore to greater hieghts.
The school also has an English language lab with advanced hardware and software to cater to the students’ requirements.

List of the laboratories: Each of the labs are equipped with the best of apparatus and materials and can accommodate 50 students at one time.

• Physics lab

• Chemistry lab

• Biology lab

• Bio-tech lab

• Maths lab

• Geo-spatial lab

Photography Studio :The school has a photography studio which helps children to hone their photography skills and is equipped with all equipments needed for photography.
Art & Sculpture lab: The school has both an art nad a sculpture lab to facilitate and enhance the creative learning skills of the students.
Library:The library is located centrally in the school to facilitate ease of access. A wide range of books aims to help children rediscover the joy of reading. A very extensive references section helps students work on multi-dimensional projects. The goal of the school library is to ensure that all members of the school get an equitable access to books and of course the books are a great inspiration to the students as the library has a great collection of fiction, non – fiction and reference books. The latest collection of subject reference books supplementing the textbooks is available to the students. Students find information from these collections to do their research and project work.