Dear Parents,
Vande Matram! 
As per DIOS orders, school will remain closed for students tomorrow 3rd April 2018 due to unavoidable reasons.


Dear Parent,

The appalling incidents involving school children in the past couple of days have caused us all great agony. It is time for deep introspection for all of us responsible for the safety of school children.
We are aware that the occurrences have aroused concern in your minds regarding the safety & security of your wards at school.
While we have always given high prominence to the safety & security of all children entrusted to our care, WE ARE INITIATING ACTION TO FURTHER IMPROVE THE SAFETY MEASURES - IDENTIFY & OVERCOME LOOPHOLES so as to prevent any untoward incident.
We understand your anxiety and hereby assure you that your ward is safe & secure at school.
As our valued partners, we invite your constructive suggestions in this regard @ school e-mail id.
Committed to ensure our children's safety & security
- Team DPSGV

Dear Parents.

"Awareness,Involvement and Emotional connection  is the key to happy parenting"

It looks like a pen and can be hidden in a pencil box or spectacle case. 
It contains propylene, glycol, nicotine and has carsonogents (cancer causing agents).
It is cheap and easily available especially outside coaching centres.
E-Cigarettes / E-hookas are the gateway to bigger addictions.
Please monitor the behavioural activities  of your child closely. 

Dear Parents 

In view of the recent deaths caused by the Blue Whale online  game that incites young students to harm themselves and commit suicide, we request you to monitor your ward's behaviour and activities closely. The school strictly discourages discussions related to the game in and outside the classroom.

Receipt of Passing Certificates AISSCE-2017

Dear parents,

This is for the information of all concerned students who appeared and passed AISSCE-2017 (Main). Passing Certificates have been received from CBSE. Advised to collect the same from Room No-98(New Block) on any working day during office hours. Students are strictly advised to carry copy of Marks Sheet and proof of Identity along with them. Please inform your friends also.



Dear parents,

Kindly note:
The festival of Shivratri is synonymous with the Kanwar movement. Due to this traffic will be disrupted and as per DM order the school will remain closed from Tuesday, 18 July, 2017 to Friday, 21 July, 2017 and will reopen on Monday 24 July, 2017.
The school will reopen on 26th August, 2017 in lieu of Tuesday, 18 July, 2017.

Thanks and Regards

Dear parents.

Since the bus routes are combined at the dispersal time from the school during the exam time,  the buses might reach accordingly, thus it is requested to be patient and cooperative.

Thanks n regards.

Launching of SWAYAM PRBHA DTH TV channels, MOOCs on SWAYAM platform and Digital Depository scheduled on 9 July 2017 at Vigyan Bhawan New Delhi.

Dear Madam /Sir, 
Honorable President of India and Honorable HRM-GOI are to inaugurate SWAYAM PRBHA DTH TV channels and SWAYAM MOOCs platform on 9 July 2017.  Direct link to NCERT online courses on SWAYAM platform are given below:

1. Accountancy class 11

2. Biology class 12

3. Chemistry class 11

4. Chemistry class 12

5. Geography class 11

6. Geography class 12

7. Physics class 11

8. Physics class 12