At DPSGV, sports has always been considered as an important tool for the holistic development of the child. School has appointed well trained and skillful coaches for various games. The excellence in sports is the result of continuous efforts.

• Cricket: The school has BCCI certified coach.

• Lawn Tennis

• Hockey

• Basketball

• Football

• Volleyball

• Skating

• Chess

The school has a well laid out system of selecting the Sports Captain and House Captains. The school has been divided into four houses – Cauvery, Ganga, Satlej and Yamuna. Inter house matches and tournaments are held at regularly scheduled given in the Almanac. The school has a unique practice of having class academy in the zero period.
The various academies run in the school are:

1. Cricket

2. Hockey

3. Basketball

4. Football

5. Lawn tennis

6. Taekwondo

7. Chess

8. Volleyball

Taekwondo and chess are a part of the class curriculum and is compulsory for the students to attend.
DPSGV regularly participates in CBSE clusters for Football, Basketball, Hockey, Lawn Tennis & Table Tennis tournaments.
DPSGV hosts Junior Interschool Football Tournaments