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Dear Parents, Vandematram! Kindly note that due to CBSE Examination in the school, the joining date for the new Class XI has been chan
A happy school with a blend of values, tradition, technology and a quest for excellence
Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Vasundhara a learning school crystallized on May 3, 1999 at SBC Plaza, sector 15. It shifted to its present lo
The Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Society was conceived and founded by Mr. Om Pathak, the then District Magistrate of Ghaziabad with support
Founded in 1980, The Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Society has traversed three decades to emerge amongst the top performing schools in India
A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. -- George Bernard Shaw
"Acts of kindness should not be measured by how much is given to help others, but by how much care is put into thinking of others enough to
Sports program at The DPSG International is popularly identified as ESSFA- endurance, strength, speed, flexibility, agility. Sports are vita

Teaching Methodology

PSG Vasundhara, has always been in a pursuit to encourage talent of all kinds and of all degrees and to stretch the intellectual and creative capacity of the individuals. The school illustrates the inter-relationship of all human knowledge, to foster an appreciation of man’s creative skills and to stimulate a concept of learning as a life long process. The pedagogy of the school thus aims at –

• Stimulating intellectual curiosity

• Directing and exercising the emotions

• Encourage creative, critical, societal and reflective thinking

• Developing an interest in the process and resources of learning and in learning how to learn

• Fostering capacity to tackle a problem and to follow and sustain an argument

• Emphasizing the difference between truth and falsehood and between fact and feeling

This is achieved by the school by inculcating different approaches in the implementation of pedagogy across the various wings.


EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION is a child centric programme, where learning is fun through activities. The conventional method of teaching is a passé. The children are offered ample opportunities for learning by doing and the progress of the child in closely monitored. There are no formal tests and examinations, no tedious homework to complete at home no odious comparisons within the peer group. It focuses on the holistic development of the child by integrating different skills like language, cognitive, socio-emotional, life skills, gross motor and fine motor through activities keeping in mind the concept of MI (Multiple Intelligence). This is done through an array of activities like:

• In house Designed Value Driven activity books
• Rhyme and Rhythm and Funtasia are stage presentation which involves singing, dramatization, role play and speaking skills with 100% participation.

• Annual Exhibition – Sandarshika which enhances the creative & fine motor Skills.

• Grandparent’s day which help to build up compassion, empathy & respect for senior citizens.

• Celebrating all the religious festivals in a common forum

• PTSFG (Parent student Fun Games) where parents and their wards play and work together as a team

• Visits & Excursions – co-relating it with the projects of the month, visit to places of worship, post office, vegetable markets etc.
It develops :

• good habits,

• builds up basic skills necessary for early childhood for personal adjustments,

• emotional maturity by guiding a child to express, understand, accept and control his feelings and emotions.

• Self awareness and builds up confidence

• Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills in a child

This is achieved by providing a congenial environment to the students through comfortable and colourful classrooms keeping in mind the safety and the security of the child. The teachers are in constant touch with the parents and as a team we go all-out to give the students a comfortable learning atmosphere where he can blossom and spread his wing to reach out for his ultimate goal.


DPSGV is a happy school with a blend of values, tradition, technology and a quest for excellence. Our curriculum in the junior wing has been designed keeping the vision of the school in mind. Our teaching learning pedagogy is a unique blend of scholastic, co-scholastic and life-skills. We have a student centric curriculum transaction, where-in we monitor a child’s level of development without comparing it with others. Our focus completely lies on the development of skills and concepts in each subject and further application of those in real life scenario through surveys, projects and awareness programs. Our co-scholastic fields are an extension of our classroom transaction because the subject specific skills and concepts are used from time to time in assemblies, class functions and Annual exhibition where we ensure 100% participation and portrayed through different mediums. Our teaching-learning is not restricted to classrooms, in fact it goes beyond.

Few highlighting points of our school are:

 The use of in-house books, which are divided term-wise to reduce the load of school bags.

 Assessment is an integral part of the teaching-learning process. Through continuous evaluation, a comprehensive profile of the students performance is assimilated and documented in the form of ‘grades’ instead of ‘percentage’ to eliminate the fear of examination and the negative factor inherent in the ranking system.

 Our assessment is completely skill based rather than just focusing on the subject.

To support in our endeavour of continuous improvement, we also have a CARE cell. Care is a support program for Counseling and Academic Reinforcement & Enhancement. CARE is a team of Counsellor, Special Educator and teachers.

 To promote healthy competition among students, we have inter-house and inter-section activities (literary, sports, creative and cultural).

Going beyond classrooms by visiting museum National Science Centre

Our partners in education- HT-PACE for classes IV and V and Primary Plus for classes I, II and III ensure that our students stay connected to the outside World.

 SHP or the School Health Program enables the students to be in a state of mental and physical well-being. It gives them a platform to express and learn to manage their emotions.
 Students of IV & V did a project on Clean Hindon.

 Celebration National Science Day to provide the children a platform to explore, experiment and derive scientific skills and temperaments.

 We also boast of hosting the Mega Quiz for the last 12 years in coloration with HT-Pace for classes IV and V – an inter-school event where about 20-30 schools from Delhi and NCR participate each year.
 The Annual Football Tournament for classes IV and V a mega sporting event is also hosted by us in the month of January for the last 7 years.
Through all these endeavours we aspire to the holistic development of our children and the quest for excellence goes on.

Education at all levels is today an acquisition of skills rather than bookish knowledge. So the curriculum in the senior wing imposes the imperative need of including in it a variety of activities that impart skills that can form the basis for a career later on in the life. It is with this purpose in mind that the activities such as art, sculpture, photography, music, dance, theatre, yoga, computer education are an integral part of the curriculum along with the transaction of the academic syllabi. With the host of scholastic and co-scholastic activities for the children, the school wants to see every child emerging as a unique individual who can carve a niche for himself in the society.
The school provides a range of scholastic activities which are a part of the school calendar. To name a few –

• Inter house and inter section Debate competitions

• Case study competitions

• Book review competitions

• Theme Based Board decors

• Club Portfolios

• Visits to planetarium, National Science Centre, Museum

• Poster making, Brochure making, Collage making competition
The co-scholastic activities are the extension of the scholastic and academic curriculum. These activities work on the MI(Multiple Intelligence) theory of Gardner. The activities like :

• Special Theme Based Assemblies celebrating special days like world health day, world literately day, dance day, peace day, etc.

• Annual Function

• Annual Exhibitions – Sandrashika

• Street play competitions on human rights day (manavadhikar)

• Sports & Games – mornings sports academy, Inter class & Inter house games and tournaments

• Choreography & Band display Competitions – celebrating Nationalistic fervour

• Group Song Competitions – Classical & Semi-classical

• Community out reach programmes

• Outdoor trips & Excursions

• Awareness campaigns

• Leadership camps

• Spicmacay

The above is achieved by having an integrated approach in the pedagogy. The aim is achieved by in using a well laid out lesson plan for all the subjects across the classes VI to X which not only concentrates on the syllabus transaction but also in the integration of all the thinking skills (Creative, Critical, Reflective and Societal) as part of the lesson plan.
• Effective and structured lesson plans comprising of the components – Dimension of learning, differential learning(MI), independent practice and group practice, thinking skill questions(reflective/societal/creative/critical), learning objectives and learning outcomes
The thinking skills become a part of the assessment, worksheets or projects. Keeping CCE in mind the curriculum aims at enhancing the various MIs in a child through the various activities conducted in the classroom and outside the classroom. The activities include:

• Collaborative Learning which is student centric

• Integration of subjects to teach a particular topic

• NIE ( Newspaper in Education)

• SHP ( School Health Programme)

• PEP (Peer Educator Programme to instill life skills)

• Integrated research based and investigative projects by all students

In classes XI and XII utmost importance is given to the teaching learning process keeping in mind that the children are at the threshold of their career. In order to achieve the same the school has adopted :

• One to One mapping

• Subject Experts taking extra classes

• Highly Competent Faculty- Classes XI/XII – regular interaction of students with subject experts, excellent and well qualified faculty (ex IIT faculty) take regular classes for PCM group and (Delhi school of Economics Alumini) take regular classes for commerce group. One on one remedial for students, regular structured worksheets/assignments/formative assignments are given to students

• Career Counseling classes

• Integrated learning for external examinations

• Extra classes during the holidays

• Special assembly with expert speakers from different vocations
The school takes a step forward and has made inclusive education a part of its normal curriculum.

• Inclusive education – catering to children with ADHD, SLOW LEARNERS, LD, MILD AUTISM, CEREBRAL PALSY, VISUALY IMPAIRED

To make the teaching learning process interesting and tech savy –

• All classrooms are technology enabled and teacher is provided with laptops.

• Knowledge centre to facilitate technology integration in pedagogy
The innovations in pedagogy is aimed at developing in the school a caring community which is not only equipped with a report card of grades but one of virtues, values and skills so as to create the futuristic generation which lives upto the vision of the school and creates a tomorrow which is a happy blend of values, tradition and technology.