The school makes transport arrangements for the children by hiring buses on an annual contract explicitly on request from parents.

  1. Students availing the transport arrangement are required to obtain a Route Pass/User Identity Card from the school office on payment of stipulated bus fees.
  2. Unauthorised travelling in the hired buses is viewed as a serious offence and can lead to a fine of Rs. 500/-.
  3. Parents are expected to co-operate with the School by ensuring that their children travelling in the buses report at their embarking points well on time, carry their user Identity with them all the time and behave in a disciplined way in the interest of their own safety as well as of the other users.
  4. Intentional vandalism such as breaking window-panes, tearing and cutting of seat covers, defacing the interior of the bus and any other related offence will result in heavy damage penalty and expulsion from the facility.
  5. Students are requested to ensure that they do not get into unacceptable behaviour in the school bus. Bullying, use of abusive language and misbehaviour during travelling will lead to expulsion from the bus facility.
  6. Parents are requested to study the specified routes and opt for those which suit them the best. Please remember that it is not possible to cater to individual requirements at the cost of time and distance.
  7. In case you have a genuine grievance, please submit it in writing to the Teacher escorting the bus or to the Transport Incharge.
  8. The use of bus facility cannot be discontinued in the middle of the session.

 Bus Routes (for Classes I to XII)

Bhajanpura Thana      6:20 A.M
B - Block Yamuna Vihar
C - Block Yamuma vihar
C2 Yamuna Vihar
Vijay Park
Babarpur Shiv Mandir- 1
Maujpur chock (victor Public school)
Nathu colony chowk
R- Block Dilshad Garden
Dilshad Garden - II
Dilshad Garden - III
Mrignaini Chowk - I
DPSGV                         7:15 A.M
MIG Flat   Loni Road         6:20 A.M
Rathi Mill
Mrinalini Transport
Hanuman Temple
Arjun Gali Vishwas Nagar
Shivani Apartment
Lovely Store
Jhilmil Market
Ram Mandir
Bharat Apartment
DPSGV                               7:10  A.M
krishna Nagar        6:15  A.m
Happy English School   I
Happy English School   II
Swarn Cinema
karkardooma Court
Jain Temple
Samudaya Bhawan
Anand Vihar Pump
Jagriti II
Anand Vihar Road
DAV School
Ashok Niketan
Savita Vihar
Dayanand Vihar
Saini Enclave
Suraj mal Vihar
DPSGV                        7:15   A.M
Preet Vihar        6:15 A.M
Laxmi Nagar Temple
Nathu Sweets
Nirwan Vihar Metro
Parwana Road
Jhankar Banquet Hall
DPSGV               7:15 A.M
Vasundhara Sec - 5  7:10 A.M
Olive County
Vasundhara Complex Sec -5
DPSGV                          7:25 A.M
Una Appartment          6:15 A.M
Mayur Vihar
Mayur Vihar  - I
Mayur Vihar Crossing
Neelam Mata Temple
Mayur Vihar - II
Mother Dairy
Mangalam Appartment
Vidisha Appartments
Dharma Appartment
Puja appartment
Mithila Apartment
Prince Appartment
Engineers Estate
Milan Vihar
Arya Nagar
Indraprastha Appartments
DPSGV                              7:20 a.m
Niti khand I            6:50 A.M
Niti khand II  Scop Hospital         
Express Garden I
Wind Sor Park
Amarpali Royal
G C Garden
Aditya Mega City
Wind Sor Park
DSGV                       7:20 A.M           
Crossing Republic                6:15 A.M
Vijay Nagar (E &C Block)     6:30 A.M
Vijay Nagar (A &D Block)     6:40 A.M
Pratap Vihar                           6:45 A.M
Raj Hansh Indrapuram       7:10 A.M
Rail Vihar Indrapuram         7:15 A.M
DPSGV                                    7:25  A.M
Vasundhara Sec - 1, Sec-3  ( 6:50 A.M) 
Rail Vihar Vasundhara Sec -3 (7.00 A.M
Parivahan Apartments             (7:10 A.M
DPSGV                                      (7:25  A.M)
Seemant Vihar                6:45  A.M
Vaishali Sec - 4 (Supertech)
Mother Dairy Vaishali Sec-4
Express Apartment
Ratan Jyoti Apartment
Aman Castle
DPSGV                              7:20 A.M
Nanadagiri Apartments     6:40 A.M
Neelpadam kunj Apartments Dabur
Malaygiri Apartments
Goverdhan Apartments
Himgiri Apartments
Atal Chowk Vasundhara Sec-9
DPSGV                                    7:25 A.M
Express Apartments      6:45 A.M
Binasar Park
SPS Apartment
Krishna Appartmen
Amarpali Green
Gaur Green City
Mahagune mansion
Amarpali  Village
Orange County
Sakti Khand -3
Sakti  Khand - 2
Sakti Khand -4
DPSGV                                7:25 A.M
Shipra Sun City                       7:00 A.M
Krishna Vista Indrapuram     7:10 A.M
DPSGV                                      7:25 A.M
Makanpur Chowk                   6:45 A.M
Supertech Apartments         6:45 A.M
Binsar Apartments                6:45 A.M
Gaur Green Avenue Indirapuram 6: 55 A.M
Vaishali Sun Breeze               7:00 A.M
Ashiana Apartment                 7:05 A.M
Neelpadam                              7:05 A.M
Mother Dairy                                     
Paras Hospital                        7:10 A.M
Judge Colony Vaishali Sec-9  7:15 A.M
DPSGV                                       7:25 A.M
Vaishali Sec- 4            6:50 A.M
Vaishali Sec- 5            7:00 A.M
Vaishali Sec -6            7:15 A.M
DPSGV                           7:25 A.M
Vasundhara Sec - 13, 11              6:50 A.M
Vashundhara Sec -17 A & B        7:08 A.M
Vasundhara Sec -17 Konark       7:07 A.M
Vasundhara Sec - 16 Mother Dairy 7:10 A.M
Vasundhara Sec - 10, 12, 14       7:15 A.M
DPSGV                                             7:25 AM
Brij Vihar                                6:45 A.M
Rangoli Apartments            6:50 A.M
Ramprastha Apartments   6;52 A.M
Mother Dairy                          6:55 A.M
Alaknanda Apartments       7:10 A.M
Galaxie Main Road              7:15 A.M
DPSGV                                     7:25 A.M
Vashali Sec - 1               6:40 A.M            
Chaya Public School Sec -3
Vaishali Sec 3 (Bisht Shop)
Vaishali Sec -2
Vaishali Sec -2B
Vaishali Sec 2 (Near PNB)
Sunbreeze Apt. Vaishali Sec-5
Gaur Galaxy Sec-5
Supertech Apartments Sec-5
Vashali Sec - 6
Eldeco Apartments
DPSGV                             7:25 A.M
Vasundhara Sec - 2       6:50 A.M
Vasundhara Sec - 4       6:55 A.M
Vasundhara Sec -6        7:00 A.M
DPSGV                              7:20 A.M
Nandgram       6:35 A.M
Parsvnath        7:10 A.M     
DPSGV             7:25 A.M
Jagdamba Shop                     6:05 A.M
Lajpat Nagar                            6:10 A.M
Sani Chowk                             6:10 A.M
Lajpat Nagar Gate - 5            6:15 A.M
Jindal Complex                       6:15 A.M
Shyam Park Sec -2     6:17+6:45 A.M
Anupam Apartments
Shanti Chowk Sec -3              6:35 A.M
Ganpati Banquet
Panchasheel Park                  6:40 A.M
Budh Park                               
DPSGV                           7:00 A.M
Noida Sec -119            6:15 A.M
Noida Sec -49, 44       6:20 A.M
Noida Sec -50             6:30 A.M
Noida Sec -51, 52      6:35 A.M
Noida Sec -71, 72       6:50 A.M
Nodia Sec -62             6:55 A.M
Rail Vihar
Jaipuria Mall Indrapuram
DPSGV                         7:25 A.M
Ram Prastha Green    6:40 A.M
Shipra Riveara        
Gyan khand 1
Gyan khand 2
Gyan Khand 3
Gyan khand 4
DPSGV                           7:25 A.M
Gulmohar Appartmen     6:20 A.M
Bhoupura DLF                  6:30 A.M
Shiv Chowk                       6:45 A.M
Gaur Plaza Stand             6:50 A.M
Ram Manohar Lohia Park     6:55 A.M
Garima Garden                7:00 A.M
Aradhana Road               7:05 A.M
Sahibabad Police Station       7:10 A.M
DPSGV                               7:20 A.M
Only Class I - XII
Raj Nagar Sec-23        6:25 A.M
Raj Nagar Ext.         6:30 A.M
Sanjay Nagar           6:50 A.M
Raj Nagar                 7:00 A.M
Purana Bus Adda    7:05 A.M
Meerut Road             7:10 A.M
Krishna Appartment (Near Mewar) 7:15 A.M
DPSGV                      7:25 A.M
Only Class I - XII
Govindpuram Police Line   6: 20 A.M
Chiranjeev Vihar                   6:30 A.M
Shastri Nagar Main Road    6:35 A.M
Ramlila Ground (Kavi Nagar)   6:40 A.M
Milan Banquet (Kavi Nagar)
Basant Road                                6:45 A.M
Jhankar Place Ghanta Ghar 
Rakesh Marg                               7:00 A.M
Sagar Motels Gandhi Nagar     7:05 A.M
New Bus Stand                           7:10 A.M
Mohan Nagar                              7:15 A.M
Sahibabad Village Main Road  7:20 A.M
DPSGV                                    7:25 A.M
Gaur Havelri Apartment                6:40 A.M
SPS Hights Ahinsha Khand III    6:40 A.M
Bhart Residensi Ahinsha Khand III
Himalya Apt. Ahinsha Khand III
Arihant Paira Desi
Nehu Skots Hats                             6:50 A.M
Ashiana Upwan                               6:52 A.M
Green Vijya Apartment                   6:54 A.M
Shanti Gopal                                    7:00 A.M
Krishna Apra Plaza                         7:05 A.M         
DPSGV                                            7:25 A.M
Vasundhara Sec -16, 18, 19   6:50 A.M
DPSGV                                         7:20 AM

Bus Routes (for Nursery & Prep)

ECE 12 (BI+B2)
Bhajan Pura Thana  7:15 a.m
Yamuna Vihar
Dilshad Garden
GTB Hospital 
Aggarwal Sweets
R Block Dilshad Garden
Seema Puri Golchakkar
J&k Block
Vivek Vihar
Vivek Vihar Phase II
DPSGV              8:25 a.m
ECE 11(B4+A2B2
Krishna Nagar   7: a.m
Gagan Vihar
Hans Appartment
Geetanjali Appartment
Anand Vihar (Vivekanand School)
DPSGV              8:25 a.m
Vasundhra Sec 16,18   7:40 a.m
Vasundhra Sec 19
Vasundhra Sec 17
Vasundhra Sec 13, 11
Vaishali Ram Prasth Green
Vasundhra Sec 10
DPSGV                             8:25 a.m
Vasundhra sec 1 to Sec 6      7:35 a.m
DPSGV                                       8:25 a.m          
Kaushambi             7:40 a.m
Semant Vihar
Puspanjali sec 1
Vaishali sec 1
Vaishali sec 3,
DPSGV                    8:25 a.m
Makan Pur Chowk       7:45 a.m
Supertech Appartment
Gaur Green Avenu indrapuram
Vaishali sec 4,5,6
DPSGV                            8:25 a.m
Preet Vihar V3S Mall   6:45 a.m
Mayur Vihar Phase II
DPSGV                          8:10 a.m
Nirala Appertment     7:35 a.m
Shipra Suncity
Krishna Vista
Manoj Vihar
Shipra Riveara
Gyan Khand 1,2,3,4
DPSGV                       8:25 a.m
Express Apartments      7:40 a.m
Binasar Park
SPS Apartment
Amrapali Greens
Gaur Green City
Krishna Apartment Amrapali Vill.
Aditya Mega Mall City
Shakti Khand I, II, III, IV     
Niti Khand - II
Abhay Khand IV
DPSGV                                8:25 a.m
SPS Hights Ahinsha Khand III    7:40 A.M
Bhart Residensi Ahinsha Khand III 7:42 A.M
Himalya Apt. Ahinsha Khand III        7:44 A.M
Arihant Paradise                               7:50 A.M
Niho Scottish                                      7:52 A.M
Ashiana Upwan                                   7:55 A.M
Green Vijya Apartment                        8:00 A.M
Jaipuria Sunrise                                  8:05 A.M
DPSGV                                                  8:25 A.M
Gulmohar Appartment      7:35 a.m
Shalimar Garden Ext. I      7:40 A.M
Shalimar Garden Pol. Chowki7:45 A.M
Shalimar Garden Ext. II     7:50 A.M
Shyam Park                         7:55 A.M
Diwaker Public School  Sahibabad 8:07 A.M
Parsvnath                           8:10 A.M
DPSGV                                8:25 a.m
ECE 10
Rangoli Apartments            7:45 a.m
Ramprastha Apartments   7:50 A.M
Aggarwal Sweets House   7:55 A.M
Alaknanda Apartments      8:00 A.M
Galaxie Main Road             8:10 A.M
DPSGV                                 8:25 a.m